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Jenna Zirbel, as Rainbow Community Cares Minister, has been involved with board members in presenting workshops with LGBTQ community organizations throughout the country. Presentations have included incorporating practices for mutual respect of cultural diversity in gender expression, gender identity, and sexual orientation in the development of safe spaces encouraging wellness in mind, body and spirit.  Through the interaction of workshop participants, means for revealing self naturally has led to reveling in the unlimited possibilities for affirming the lives and love of self and others.

The common undergirding theme for workshops is self awareness of  the diversity of spiritual, physical, psychological and emotional development in each of the participants in an atmosphere of mutual respect of others. The starting point is self and one’s own community. To define one’s self as accepted and flourishing within one’s unique self is a movement toward wholeness. To find in another the recognition of self, reflected with respect and affirmation, is to be blessed and to be a blessing.  Within this context the work of building community connections has a safe setting that is reproducible in other communities.

The particulars of each individual workshop are designed according to the intent of the hosting organization and the needs of the attendees. Jenna has presented workshops that, through their involvement, assisted participants with: naming and claiming their diverse expressions of spirituality outside of, as well as, within organized traditional groups; attending to enabling and encouraging development of peer support for youth and young adults to choose life; and organizing to influence local organization policies to incorporate a safe and supportive presence for LGBTQ people within community.

These workshop presentations are one of the programs through which Rainbow Community Cares, Inc.  reaches out to serve as a resource with LGBTQ people, promoting community reconciliation and enlarging the scope of spiritual expression and affirmation within communities. It is within our vision to celebrate the creative spirit in each heart and honor the gift of diversity in gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, ethnicity and race.