Transgender and LGBA Queer Organization engaged from the margins embraced in love, Rainbow Community Cares. A 501(c)(3) working with you for community health and wellbeing.

Report Violence: If you or someone you know is threatened or hurt because of their gender expression, gender identity or sexual orientation, we can help. Click here for more.


Celebrate in untraditional ways with ceremonies crafted to meet your individual expression of life passages and transitions.


People refer to Source of Life by many names. Whatever name is chosen, we believe God is the source and creator of all things, therefore all things are essentially good.

All people are created in the spiritual image of the Creator, therefore all people are inherently good.

All people are called to be reconciled – to seek reconciliation with each other, with the environment and with the Source of Love. What some call sin, we call separation. When we separate from each other, the earth and/or God, reconciliation is hindered.

In our efforts to be in reconciliation, one path is not favored above another. There is no one right way of believing that achieves this goal, but simply a way of BEing. A way of BEing is exemplified by the life and message of Jesus – a life lived in love and justice-seeking for the other.

The abiding presence of the Spirit is present always as an expression of Divine love, drawing us into the heart of our Creator and into new visions of human possibility.

God calls for the church universal to be an embodiment of Divine purposes, and to be a sign of the peaceable kin-dom. We recognize that the church universal also stands in need of Divine grace.

Therefore, we are called to hold the church universal accountable to be an inclusive community. Separation in the form of exclusion manifests itself as white privilege, male privilege, heterosexual privilege, economic privilege along with other privileges, and through imperialism in the forms of fear, hate, greed, arrogance, domination and violence.

We witness to Love’s work of breaking down the dividing walls of hostility  and will co-operate with the Creator in restoring humanity to an image that more fully reflects God’s love.