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Blessing at 2011 NCHRC Summit on Sex Work in the South

Written by Rev Jenna Zirbel of Rainbow Community Cares

Copyright Dec 2, 2011

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Let us acknowledge the source of life, the source of love and be blessed.

We gather today, here in this room

                Because we know in our hearts we are born to more than

                                The struggle to survive

We collectively reach into the energy and wisdom

                To be transformed

Life hasn’t been fair in opportunities

                Burdens weigh heavily on the shoulders of a few

We haven’t always been able or willing to share what we know

                About how to care, care for self or each other

Today in our work, we claim the creating power of the source of all life

                To which we were born

Commit to doing what we have the power to do

                Knowing it does matter

It matters to attain equal access to resources and services in our neighborhoods,

                On the streets where we live

                Where we work               and

                Where we play

And so we stand with each other in solidarity working together

                With hope, with mutual respect

                And Love and Justice will reign

                                                                                Amen. Amen.