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Celebrate in untraditional ways with ceremonies crafted to meet your individual expression of life passages and transitions.

Liturgy for Blessing of Transgender Transformation


We come together in the holy place created by us who have gathered to recognize, to claim that it is so, and to celebrate [name]’s transition into fuller expression of self. From image to lively expression in words, actions and adornment/attire, [name] in grace moves outward to be formally embraced by us, family and friends.


[Name] comes with community support, affirmation and love that we share, one with another. And in the sharing we come to know better the source of the pull on our own hearts to be fully the unique persons that we are created to be. We are thankful for the fluidity of self expression, maybe static at times, but with the ability to change and adapt as the inner nature awakens, directed deeply from the soul.  In the freedom of loving and caring generated in community, in that safety and security, self expression blooms.


In life it is very important to feel that you can be truly yourself. Society sets up limitations, a kind of a box, of how one is suppose to act according to a script created without individual differences in mind. That way we can supposedly make assumptions about what is normal. For some people this set script works, allowing persons to comfortably live with family, enjoying themselves with friends, and feeling fulfilled in their work. They are content with living in that box.  

For some of us this set script, this box that tells us to conform to society, does not work. One of those boxes is the way that people are designated as female or male. Identified as one of a binary set of genders (female or male) at birth is a box, and that box doesn’t fit many of us. In fact, 1 out of a 100 newborns fit outside that box due to ambiguous gender markers. However, never fear, babies do naturally fit within a continuum of gender markers. And we ourselves identify along a continuum of gender identity/gender expressions. Where we land on the continuum is up to each of us to identify.

And in life’s experiences it is each person’s right to adapt that identification to fit their authentic self. People should not be put into boxes, for the conformity of society, at the cost of their authentic selves. The loss in creativity and participation is too high a price. It is no longer acceptable to force people into a two dimensional profile while our true selves may be multi dimensional with a fluidity that changes to adapt to new understanding of self. Here the particulars of the person’s celebration could be presented.  

It is in the naming that we identify how we are unique, a fingerprint that no one else can reproduce. It is in claiming who we are that we come to be credible to ourselves and to each other. It is the celebrating that we free the energy and passion of human creativity that nurtures our growth into self fulfillment and community participation.


In describing this transformation,[name] will lead us to a renewed claiming of personhood. The person who is transforming will have been assisted with developing a verbal/musical/action/dramatic expression of that transition that will be presented here.  

In moving into the new self expression of the transition, [name] leaves the past. This may include a ceremony of setting aside or discarding a symbol of past expressions and/or the receiving of a new symbol that more closely represents the new.  

As a butterfly dries its fragile and newly unfurled wings, as a new born foal comes to its feet on long limbed legs, as a snake sheds its tight, dried inflexible skin, [name] basks in the warmth and the excitement of newly found freedom.


We have witnessed [name] proclamation of transformation and respond with our affirmation and support.

May be spoken by participants and/or celebrant. We have come to a new understanding/revealing of you. We will support you as you continue to grow in self expression as we engage as community together. It is in coming together as unique individuals that we unleash the creative powers inherent in all of the earth. Today we listen to your heart’s desire and we respond with love and joy! 


[Name] will lead us in how we may be a blessing in this celebration. Closing prepared by [name] and celebrant to address a response that participants can follow if they choose.

Additional items for consideration of celebration:

May be preceded or followed by a power point of person’s life development thus far. Person(s) may be encouraged to participate by preparing a testimony/story about the person’s transition or providing an impromptu comment. Scripture may be read and/or prose/poetry may be read from autobiographical materials. [Name] may bring a document/form to be completed/witnessed during the celebration. Name cards/identifying documents can be prepared prior to the celebration to be distributed at the event.