Transgender and LGBA Queer Organization engaged from the margins embraced in love, Rainbow Community Cares. A 501(c)(3) working with you for community health and wellbeing.

Report Violence: If you or someone you know is threatened or hurt because of their gender expression, gender identity or sexual orientation, we can help. Click here for more.


Celebrate in untraditional ways with ceremonies crafted to meet your individual expression of life passages and transitions.


candleThis page is designed to provide a sacred space set aside for our community as a place to share our joys and concerns as LGBTQ community with our friends, families and allies. We lift each other in a supportive spirit with hope. The light that shines from love brings an easing of pain in loss, a healing spirit, and a comfort of company in difficult times. We congregate here in care and celebration of life. Call or email RCCares to post a joy or concern. Rev J is available to talk to you about additional pastoral care and short term counseling available free of charge to you.

candleRCCares holds c and family in prayer

candlePrayer for peace from the Universal Sufi order

candlePrayer of the Four Immeasurable Minds

candleA Chinese prayer for Universal Love.

candleE holds the B family in prayer

candleE holds parents in prayer

candleJ holds L in prayer that all is benign.

candleRCCares keeping our homeless community held in prayer

candleK asks that A be held in prayer

candleRCCares holds K and her grandson T in prayer as he is treated for abdominal injuries resulting from a shooting.

candleJ and A holds E and his family in prayer upon the death of his sister R.

candleL holds the memory of his mom, L, in a spirit of love and liberation from suffering.

candleJ lifts R and family in care and hope that all will be well.

candleIn the spirit of love and support, J. holds the H. family in care.

candleA candle for R. from M. and K.

candleAlso one for NC from M. and K.