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This prayer was written in response to the Connecticut Elementary School shooting on 12-14-2012; it may be suitable for other such horrific events.

In this incredible pain we share our humanity, we share our need to be supportive and to be supported in community. There is no way to remove the pain. We will hold this hurt, fear and frustration for as long as we live. We know that those who experience the devastation in the murder of their child, their family member, their friend have their hearts torn and their peace rendered. There is no sufficient response in the trauma, no way to erase this reality. We stand groaning in shock, words too inefficient to express the depth of despair.

We walk through the immense sorrow blinded by our grief and our tears, instinctively knowing that life will carry on with less innocence and more wisdom. The vicious acts of people that strike out to end life remain in our midst, too often unclear in their cause but so very clear in their effects.

We see violence in our neighborhoods, amongst our friends and within our families, and watch it occur across our nation and our world. May the precious lives of these children and adults lost in an act of violence remain in our hearts, urging us to act for reconciliation in our communities.