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Practices in Body, Mind and Heart Connection: Affirming Faith Forum

Gathering thoughts:

We come together in hope knowing that caring for ourselves will help us live well. We are looking for happiness, a chance to use our skills and abilities, to do what we can while in the company of others with whom we respect and care.

[Audre Lorde reading]


I am . . .

I am weary from the past week’s struggle of attending to my needs and those whom I care about.

I am frustrated by the outcomes of efforts that missed the mark, an unanticipated outcome.

I am excited about goals we are working on that are taking shape in good ways.

I wonder if things will ever really change.

I believe that we can make a difference by doing the brilliant work that we do together.

I feel I have already done too much and then that I cannot do enough.

I watch as things around us are changing and how that plays out in our lives.

I innately know the spirit for the common good resides inside my compassion for other as self.

What isn’t working, what is, and why:

 The long ranger misses the mark yet again. So often I am too tired to carry on with the plans of the day. Sometimes it is because I am tired from the work and other times I am tired of the work. Monotony can be as exhausting for me as large doses of turmoil and chaos.  The only less hopeful activity in which I engage is the ranting and raging of self righteous indignation, you know what I mean.

How does one live creatively, artfully, and hopefully with joy, amid the turmoil or the monotony of life? Ah, this is a question of faith and enduring love.

One answer may be in cultivating techniques or practices that open and prepare us to think creatively and more clearly with less doubt and self loathing. Cultivate the ability to attend conscious reflection on decisions and calm centering in the face of conflict comes with practice. A practice directed by the desire for expression of self in life that touches energy within. This is what occurs in the connection of body, mind and heart.

The quest is to establish a balance of practices or techniques that offer enough varied patterns to provide interest and not so much that too many decisions keep me from engaging in any practice at all.

Meditation, yoga, drumming, writing, prayer, walking, visioning and such are possibilities to be explored at the forum with the intention of exploring the innate connection of physical movements, personal energy and creative thought. It requires conscious planning to developing a routine, or a variety of routines, that incorporate practices that engage diverse parts into a self determined whole.  While the routine is new, it could feel uncomfortable but challenging, and exciting. Practiced often enough it can become habit, and not necessarily mundane with added focus and slight adaptations. It is integral to maintain a sense of self dignity and respect for efforts made, along with the ability to dream of new ways of thinking and making decisions, and a sense of humor when misconceptions are revealed. 

Feeling well, enjoying life and supporting community are goals for a satisfying life.


Give from what you have received; give your gift to love and care with passion and wellbeing. Offer the unique expression of respect and honor for another in the fullness of shared human dignity. If you have more than you need, then share.

Sharing at table in the community:

In the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, intersex (LGBTQQI) community with family and friends, we have experienced love that overcomes hatred and bigotry of religious intolerance. This love is from the source of life, permeates all existence and radiates from the common good. When naysayers try to deny the diversity of our expressions of love and fulfillment, the community has given support in snapshots of love shared and cherished.  Remember the awesome gatherings of those who are working in support of all families, pushing back the borders erected in heterosexism and other ‘isms’.

Offered to you in this act of remembrance is that for which you are in need. Renewed in the revealing of an affirmed self determined identity, realize that you are beloved, and that your love is cherished.

Thankful for the work of those who have led us, who lead us today, we join in the spirit of kindness and persistently hold fast to the hope for a better tomorrow. We act in the belief born that, uniquely in our individual gender identity, gender expression, and sexual orientation, we will flourish in passion and in wellbeing, caring for other as self.

Fond farewell:

May you be engaged in a satisfying life.  Feel well, enjoy yourself and support community.