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Report Violence: If you or someone you know is threatened or hurt because of their gender expression, gender identity or sexual orientation, we can help. Click here for more.


Celebrate in untraditional ways with ceremonies crafted to meet your individual expression of life passages and transitions.

Rainbow Community Cares is celebrating your creative spirit and all that you have given to nurture the work of RCCares this past year. It seems that during the holidays we celebrate the incredible gift of giving, of meeting the need of another, of giving something more than could possibly have been anticipated. And the giving is followed by the joy of discovering that the source of the gift comes out of abundance. Your giving is significant.

This giving is often unrelated to personal financial wealth, but more closely related to a giving from loving kindness. My friend Karen told me that it seems the best giving comes out of empathetic understanding, either because one has been given much needed assistance, or because one knows the value of the gift for having gone without. Thanks for all that you do.

The holidays are also a time that people frequently look back on the year. Rather than sending you all my complete ruminations, I encourage you to check out the events that Rainbow Community Cares participated in this past year on the ‘Gatherings’ web page. RCCares has collaborated with national, regional, state and local organizations to advocate for and with the LGBTQ community for acceptance, affirmation and full inclusion in our communities. Our work has focused on co creating safe spaces for fuller expression of the creative spirit from within each heart in all its diversity in gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, ethnicity and race. Next year RCCares has plans to expand our outreach and to include data collection to broaden programs focused on community reconciliation.

What are your plans for the new year? Hopefully they include collaborating with RCCares in the work of serving the LGBTQ community, our family, friends and allies.    

I am planning on joining the Campaign for Southern Equality’s WE DO! Campaign. The entire action involves two weeks on a sojourn for recognition. From Mississippi to Virginia, CSE will be collecting the joys and concerns, hopes and fears of LGBTQ people in the South where legal marriages between same-sex couples are not recognized. Along the way couples will request and be denied marriage licenses providing a picture of the painful reality of this injustice. The action will culminate in the legal marriage of a gay couple in Washington, DC, our nation’s capital, where LGBT people have the right to marry. It will document how equality has arrived, but not yet upon us.