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Mother’s Day Liturgy

 Sunday, May 13 2012


We gather for a celebration of mothers and those who mother others. We hope to reach out to people who don’t have plans and wonder what to do along with those who want to come celebrate at the center because it is like ‘home’ for so many of us. In a society where homophobia and heterosexism persist, we co create safe places to explore our expressions as lesbians, gays, bisexual, transgender and queer folk with our family and friends of what it means to love and be loved.

Being Thankful :

Children of all ages are invited and moms of every description. We celebrate what it means to us to be a mother and to mother another in real life diversity. We do our collective best to move beyond the pressures imposed on us from the outside due to homophobia. Together we push aside the barriers imposed by heterosexism and patriarchy toward the full experience of ourselves and our caring as we identify our families in splendid, living color. We are free from the traditional roles and decide who does what in our homes. In our support for the diversity of our families, we are not tethered to the current status quo and can move beyond the limits artificially imposed by an arcane binary system. 


For some of us “mother” reminds us of what we didn’t have, couldn’t be, and still wish for. Today we reclaim the possibilities of filling the role of mothering in our own lives and the lives of those we care about. Admitting that some things are left wanting, that sometimes we miss the mark or that we have to compensate as best we may lead into an opportunity for a new look. Where limits are unjustly imposed, we look to new, livelier models of hope and political activism. We celebrate that possibility because we are pushing for better, more inclusive choices. Because we are agents in our own lives we can move old memories aside and work to establish new ones. What would that look like today?  

Offering Support:

Do you know anyone who can offer you the mothering that you need in bits and pieces that make sense to you? It is a gift to be able to care for another when you understand what is needed. On the other hand, do you know anyone who needs a bit of encouragement, needs an affirmation from us who have the power to reach out in caring empathy?

Reflections (while sharing ‘tea’):

What is it about mothering that we want to honor? What ideas for honoring mothers come to mind? What has nurtured and encouraged our ability to love and beloved? What has gotten in the way? Children may be included in this event, and we are informal about celebrating (and commiserating as needed), sharing experiences and generally talking about how it is that we mother, are mothered by others and how it is that we care for others. Imagine a unique Mother’s Day celebration. There is so much joy to share when we find the way.


Leave with a refreshed energy for the family connections that we define as our own and honor with our hearts in an awesome diversity. Feel the love.